Decision Making

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Please note that following the Scottish local government election, our Presidential Team and Spokespeople will be elected by our Convention Meeting on 30 June 2017. We will update this page with further information as it becomes available.


We're a politically-led, cross-party organisation.

That means that what we do, and how we do it, is decided democratically by elected councillors from across our member councils.

Our decision making system is therefore designed to put member councils at the heart of the policy development process.  We want every councillor to have the opportunity to contribute, and that's why we've recently completed a major review of our arrangements to make sure they focus on a forward looking agenda for local government.

Led by our President, Vice President, and five Spokespeople, our decisions are made in the following ways:

COSLA Governance Structures


COSLA's Constitution can be downloaded here (Updated March 2015).
COSLA's Leaders Workplan for 2016/17 can be downloaded here (January 2017).