Community Safety Executive Group

Name of Meeting: Community Safety Executive Group
Date: Mon, 17/01/2011
Type: This meeting is public.

The January meeting of the Community Safety Executive Group provides a timely opportunity to consider the future context of public services in Scotland and the nature of public protective services required for that future role.

Due to the importance of the issue it is proposed we move away from the normal report format to allow for discussion, group sessions and the sharing of ideas which will inform COSLA's position on public sector reform. Public protective services are key local services that interact on a daily basis right across local government and criminal justice authorities therefore discussions with all partners is key to shape the future direction of public protection in Scotland.

Colin Mair, Chief Executive of the Improvement Service and SOLACE have been invited to deliver short presentations on current trends and future challenges for local communities and key public service planning, resourcing and delivery issues. From the presentations it is proposed we have an Executive Group question and answer discussion session then move into smaller groups to discuss further focussing on 3 key questions.

i. What are public protection services?
ii. What will be the key public protection functions required in the next 20-30 years?
iii. How do we integrate public protective services across the public sector?

It would be useful if group members bring thoughts on the above three questions to the Executive Group

Please find attached a background discussion paper and the previous minute.

1. Discussion Paper (PDF)

2. Minute of October Meeting (PDF)