Health & Wellbeing Executive Group

Name of Meeting: Health & Wellbeing Executive Group
Date: Fri, 18/02/2011
Type: This meeting contains public and private items. Only registered members of the meeting can access private items. All users can access public items.
Agenda 1. Minutes of meeting of 02 September 2010 (MS Word 90k)
  2. Matters arising and spokesperson’s oral report
Policy Development For Discussion 3. Learning Disabilities Review of ‘The Same As You’ (MS Word 38k) and Appendix (MS Word 39k)
  4. Business Planning Update
  5. Public Sector Reform (MS Word 116k)
  6. Assets Approach to Health (MS Word 50k) and Appendix (pdf 962k)
  7. Alcohol Bill (MS Word 88k)
Policy Issues For   8. Resource Transfer and Appendix
Decision 9. JIT Review (MS Word 44k) and Appendix (MS Word 947k)
  10. Reshaping Care Delivery Plan (MS Word 66k) and Appendix (pdf 921k)
  11. National Care Home Contract
  12. Equipment in Care Homes (MS Word 40k) and Appendix (MS Word 282k)
  13. Community Care Charging Guidance (MS Word 1.8mb)
  14. Adult Support and Protection (MS Word 99k)
  15. Disability Living Allowance (MS Word 69k)
  16. Health Protection Advisory Group (MS Word 34k)
Policy Updates For Noting 17. Autism Strategy (MS Word 64k) and Appendix (MS Word 50k)
  18. Update Report (MS Word 57k) and Appendix (MS Word 185k)
Next Meeting – Thursday 02 June 2011