Joint Strategic Commissioning Conference 2013

Name of Meeting: Joint Strategic Commissioning Conference 2013
Date: Tue, 14/05/2013 - 08:45 - 16:00
Type: This meeting contains public and private items. Only registered members of the meeting can access private items. All users can access public items.
Venue: Dunblane Hydro,

Developing and delivering joint commissioning strategies within an integrated health and social care context , that builds upon the knowledge, skills and experience of all 4 sector partners – the independent and third sectors, NHS and local authorities

Conference Objectives

  • To receive and discuss feedback on Partnership Joint Commissioning Strategies
  • To launch the National Improvement Support Programme for Joint Commissioning
  • To prepare for statutory Health and Social Care Integration in 2015
  • To promote cross sector learning about Joint Strategic Commissioning

Full Programme:

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Time Session Speaker
9.30 Introduction of Morning Sessions Chair: Dr. Allan Gunning
    Joint Chair of National Steering
    Group for Joint Strategic Commissioning
9.40 Joint Strategic Commissioning  Professor Jim McGoldrick
  Improvement Agenda Chair
    Joint Improvement Partnership Board
  9.50 COSLA Address Councillor Peter Johnston
    Health and Well-Being Spokesperson
10.00 Feedback from Improvement Review Tony Homer
  of JSC Plans Joint Strategic Commissioning Lead
    Joint Improvement Team
10.20 From Strategy to Delivery Professor John Bolton 
    Independent Consultant
11.15 Moving Forward - Round Table Facilitated by JIT Leads
  Discussion Groups  
13.00 Introduction of Afternoon Sessions Chair : Peter MacLeod
    Joint Chair of National Steering
    Group for Joint Strategic Commissioning
13.10 'Joining the Dots' - Making the Keith Moultrie
  Connections across JSC for OP, Director
  Adults and Children Services Institute of Public Care
13.30 Partnership Presentations and Phil White
  Discussion Partnership Facilitator
    South Ayrshire CHCP 
    Dr. Erik Sutherland
    Planning and Performance Manager
    East Renfrewshire CHCP
14.00 Workshop 1  Wendy Dale
  Commissioning Commissioning Manager
    City of Edinburgh Council
  Workshop 2  Mike Mawby
  Joint Strategic Commissioning and Directorate for Children
  Community Planning - Connecting Scottish Government
  Shared Priorities  
    Bill Ellis
    Directorate for Children
    Scottish Government
    Fiona McDiarmid
    Directorate for Children
    Scottish Government
  Workshop 3 Vivien Thompson and Des McCart
  New Approaches to Provider Falkirk Council
    Lisa Pattoni
    Dee Fraser
  Workshop 4  Gerry Power
  Shifting the Focus - Engaging  Co-production and Community Capacity Building Lead
  Communities and Workforce through Joint Improvement Team
  Co-Production Approaches  
  Workshop 5  Paul Leak
  Understanding Costs and Activity Integrated Resources Lead
  Across Sectors - The IRF and the  Scottish Government
  Loughborough Cost Calculators  
    Karen Nowland
    Renfrewshire Council
15.00 Supporting Improvement in Joint Strategic Commissioning
    Dr. Margaret Whoriskey
    Joint Improvement Team
   1. Launch of the National Improvement Support Programme
  2. Where do we go from here? An interactive panel session including reflections on current thinking, priorities for action and new approaches
    Ron Culley, COSLA
    Ranald Mair, Scottish Care
    Annie Gunner Logan, CCPS
    Keith Moultrie, IPC
    Heather Kelman, NHS Grampian
16.00 Close of Conference