Development, Economy & Sustainability Executive Group

Name of Meeting: Development, Economy & Sustainability Executive Group
Date: Thu, 05/09/2013 - 10:00 - 12:00
Type: This meeting contains public and private items. Only registered members of the meeting can access private items. All users can access public items.
Venue: Verity House,
19 Haymarket Yards,


1. Welcome and Apologies
2. Minute of Previous Meeting 16 May 2013 & Matters Arising

Items for Private Session

3. National Review of Town Centres
4. EU Funds and State Aid 2014-2020
5. Short Life Ministerial Working Group on Onshore Energy (Annex A) (Annex B)
6. Business Gateway Performance Update (Annex A)

Items for Public Session

7. Circular Economy/Collaborative Waste Procurement
8. Regulatory Reform Bill
9. Business Gateway Update
10. Planning Scotland’s Seas – Consultation
11. National Litter strategy
12. Report on Proposals and Policies 2 and Public Sector Climate Change Duties
13. EU Urban Mobility Legislative Proposals
14. Scottish Local Air Quality Management Review
15. Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme
16. Climate Change (Scotland) Act: low/zero carbon development plan policies
17. Energy Efficiency
18. Procurement Reform Bill and EU Procurement Directive
19. Where Gypsy/Travellers Live Report
20. Historic Environment Policy update

Items for Noting

21. Broadband Update
22. Zero Waste Update
23. Planning Update (Annex A)
24. Climate Change Update
25. Economic Development, Regeneration and Tourism Update
26. Roads and Transport Update