Community Well-being Executive Group

Name of Meeting: Community Well-being Executive Group
Date: Tue, 18/03/2014 - 11:00 - 13:00
Type: This meeting contains public and private items. Only registered members of the meeting can access private items. All users can access public items.
Venue: Verity House,
19 Haymarket Yards,


1. Corporate

1.1. Welcome and Apologies
1.2. Minute of Previous Meeting 16th November 2013 and Matters Arising 

Items to be taken in Private Session

2. Community Safety

2.1. Police Scotland presentation on doorstep crime.
2.2. A paper on intelligence sharing which would follow on from the doorstep crime paper.  

Items to be taken in Public Session

2.3. Doorstep Crime (Appendix)
2.4. New Psychoactive Substances
2.5. Violence against Women and Girls
2.6. Community Justice Redesign
2.7. Sectarianism

3. Welfare Reform

3.1. Local Support Services Framework / OPA (Annex)
3.2. Scottish Welfare Fund
3.3. Housing Benefit Reform

4. Arts Culture and Sport

4.1. Historic Environment Merger Bill
4.2. Legacy for 2014
4.3. Commonwealth Games 2014
4.4. COSLA Sport, Arts and Culture Working Group
4.5. Youth Sport Strategy

5. Housing 

5.1. Regulation of Energy Efficiency in the Private Sector

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. Update Report Covering: 

Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill,
Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill,
Police & Fire Reform Matters,
Scottish Fraud Investigation Service,
Personal Independence Payment (PIP),
Mitigation & Monitoring,
Blue Badge Passporting,
Responsible Dog Ownership,
Licensing/Regulation of Outdoor Activities/Public Space,
Gambling and Pay Day Lenders,
Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing, and
Elected Member Task Group on the Housing (Scotland) Bill


Next meetings 2014 – Tuesdays: 10th June; 9th September and 9th December.