Concerns raised over Education Scotland report

A COSLA Spokesman said:

“This is very disappointing from a local government perspective and hopefully it will not have a knock on effect in our wider discussions around education which are on-going at the moment.

“This exercise was supposed to be about improving education but it hasn’t included the workload requirements generated by Government  agencies.  Indeed it is ironic that the workload issue was created in large part by the agency sent in to ‘sort out the problem’.

“In addition, sending Education Scotland into Councils suggests a lack of independence because the reality is that this has to be a real independent look at the facts.  It is not about finding a problem to which they already think they have a solution.  Finally, we would dispute how anything credible or meaningful can be ascertained in a two week period based on the flimsiest of evidence.” 

Article published: 
Tue, 20/09/2016 - 16:10