COSLA calls for Open Consultation

Commenting following Mr Swinney’s announcement in Parliament this afternoon on education, a COSLA Spokesman said: 

“Obviously today is only the start of a Consultation process, however that said I think we remain concerned that this is as open as we would hope and that we are not facing a set of pre-decided outcomes. 

“Once again we would appeal to Mr Swinney to proceed with caution.  The aim of central government, local government and all those with an interest in young people is the same, we all have similar aspirations, we all want them to succeed.

The OECD report, on which this governance review is heavily based, said clearly that improvements were required to process not structure. 

“Obviously COSLA will respond to the Consultation but our position, along with those on the frontline and the education experts is clear.  There is plenty to be celebrated within the Scottish education system and to proceed in a hasty manner could do irreparable damage for future generations.  We know that there is room for improvement in the system and indeed we have actively promoted a number of proposals and we are up for playing an active role within that improvement/change agenda.

“We also know from evidence that it is wrong to treat any aspect of a child’s development in isolation.  Councils are uniquely placed to support every need of the child due, in no small part, to the expertise and professionalism of all their employees who make a difference to families every single day.”

Article published: 
Tue, 13/09/2016 - 14:45