A COSLA Spokesperson said: "Talks with the Teachers Unions and the Scottish Government over pay and other conditions of service will resume on 22 June after a break for the local government elections.

"The Teachers Side claim is for 2017/18 and comprises a wide range of complex elements, many of which local government has no direct control over. The pay element is simple in that the offer from the Employers Side is the same across all bargaining groups representing the entire local government workforce, It is £350 flat rate payment for everyone (including probationers), up to Grade 5 on the Main Point Scale, which is £33,876. For anyone paid over £35,000, Grade 6 and above, it’s an uplift of 1%.

"The reference to a pay claim of 16% for 2018/19, is misleading as it refers to what the EIS say would be required to restore ‘pay value’ back to the 2001 McCrone pay settlement. We are simply not in or anywhere near this type of figure in the public sector today with year on year reductions in the monies available to local government.  

"We would be happy to enter into talks with the Teachers Unions over a future pay strategy which incorporates the ‘total rewards package’ available to teachers to try to find common ground on these matters which would be affordable and sustainable for councils."

Article published: 
Wed, 07/06/2017 - 17:00