The Scottish Government has endeavoured to pull off a conjuring trick by pretending that Councils still have a role in the delivery of education COSLA said today (Thursday).

A COSLA Spokesman said: “There can be no getting away from the fact that the Scottish Government is trying to give the impression that Scotland’s councils still have a role to play  in the delivery of education when the reality is that they do not; the simple truth is that there will be no meaningful local democratic accountability for education in Scotland.

“This is concerning in every way but particularly that today we have seen the Scottish Government fundamentally ignoring the whole system approach. This will be of most detriment to the most vulnerable.

“The Scottish system has worked tirelessly towards a co-ordinated approach – health, social work, the third sector and others rally around a child and provide them with the help both they and their family need. Schools are only one facet of this. If the Scottish Government continue down this path of isolating education, the whole system approach is lost and it is the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in our society who will suffer as a result.  

“Local authorities are committed to our children and young people – ensuring that each individual receives the education and wider support they need to fulfil their potential. We will embrace change which promotes better outcomes but we will resist any change which does not. We are clear that what has been announced today erodes local democratic accountability and most certainly will not close the attainment gap.”

Article published: 
Wed, 14/06/2017 - 23:00