Reacting to the publication today of the Scottish Government’s Enterprise and Skills Review, a COSLA Spokesperson said that it was how Scotland now gets down to business that will be the true test of its legacy.

The Spokesperson said: “COSLA welcomes the publication today of the Enterprise and Skills Review. We hope, like Scottish Government, that we can look back on it as a major milestone in the improvement of Scotland’s economy. To have that lasting and positive impact, it’s what happens next that matters the most. Today is the starting gun for implementation, which will truly determine the effectiveness of the Review.
“We welcome recognition of the diverse economic needs of different part of Scotland. The announcement of a new agency for the South of Scotland is a response to the requirements of both Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders Councils and comes after considerable work by both authorities. COSLA will continue to support them to ensure that the agency, once established, genuinely does meet their needs and match their aspirations for the area.
“Work begins now on setting up the Strategic Board which must focus on the needs of the national economy and driving better coordination between agencies. However, inclusive growth which is central to the work of local authorities, along with the economic impact of local businesses and economies, must also be recognised by the new Board and the Agencies, as without this the true economic potential of Scotland will not be realised.

“Today’s report is a start, but it is how Scotland now gets down to business that will be the true test of its legacy.”

Article published: 
Thu, 22/06/2017 - 13:13