COSLA rejects CMA appraisal of the Scottish Market as inaccurate

Cllr Peter Johnston, COSLA Spokesperson for Health and Social Care stated:

“I am deeply disappointed that the CMA report has misrepresented the specific circumstances of Scotland and in particular, the financial context for Scottish care homes, by applying a generic analysis across the whole of the UK.  

"Local Government in Scotland has actively worked in partnership with providers to agree fair funding through the National Care Home Contract. Against a massively challenging financial backdrop Care Homes in Scotland have had unprecedented financial support and prioritisation from Local Government. Indeed, the fee paid to care homes in Scotland has increased year on year and, over the last 10 years, there has been a cumulative 42% increase in the rate. We are now working together to ensure that this relationship, and the funding arrangements around it, remain fit for purpose into the future.

"It is wholly inappropriate for the CMA to have drawn parallels across the UK in this way and also to make sweeping statements about policy responses to the demographic challenges we face. IJBs have been delegated the task of strategically commissioning services on the basis of local needs in Scotland. Putting this into context, this report has been produced by an organisation that is not involved in policy development or the commissioning of services in Scotland. In fact, it is democratically elected members who are accountable for this – whether that be Scottish Government or Local Government.  

"We will of course consider the wider findings of the report where they apply to Scotland.”

Article published: 
Thu, 30/11/2017 - 17:00