COSLA comment on job losses in councils

Commenting on the job losses in councils over the past few years quoted in today’s press (9th January) a COSLA Spokesperson said:

"As we say in our document 'Essential Services' we have seen the local government workforce reduce dramatically over the last five years and today’s media highlight an unpalatable situation

"That said, some of this reduction in staff is undoubtedly due to transformational change within councils and some come as a result of the way councils now configure services to better meet the needs of the service users.

"However with additional resources councils would have reinvested in those reconfigured services.

"Therefore, in terms of a reduction in the workforce it is fair to say that local government has suffered more than its share of the pain.

"In addition, funding of councils has reduced, year on year for some considerable time, at a time when our costs and demand for services continues to increase.

"In the current financial year (2017/18), for example, councils have had to make financial savings of £317million and use £105million of reserves while still cutting jobs, it’s simply not sustainable."

Article published: 
Tue, 09/01/2018 - 17:00