COSLA response to consultation on proposed Education Bill

Commenting as the COSLA Response was submitted this morning (Tuesday), COSLA's Children and Young People Spokesperson Councillor Stephen McCabe said:  "COSLA have been speaking directly with all our partners and professional associations including those representing teachers, headteachers, parents and young people to bring together a local government response to the consultation on the proposed Education Bill. 

“COSLA are clear that the proposed legislation would not improve the educational attainment of young people, despite this being the goal of both Local and Scottish Government. We are also clear that the proposals put our headteachers' role as leaders of learning communities at risk. The increase in bureaucracy that the proposals would bring has the potential of increasing the existing difficulties Councils are experiencing with recruitment and retention. Ultimately, there are significant risks to the ideal of local democracy in Scotland and to our ability as Councils to provide a multi-service approach to support our young people and their families."

COSLA Response to Education Bill Consultation

Case studies of Good Practice in relation to Education Governance 

Article published: 
Tue, 30/01/2018 - 10:08