COSLA Convention meets in Paisley

Scotland’s leading councillors will meet in Paisley later this week as COSLA’s full Convention descends on Renfrewshire.

Hosted by Renfrewshire Council, the COSLA Convention will meet in the Town Hall from 11.00am on Friday 23 March.

As well as being the venue for the launch of COSLA’s first ever Annual Report, a busy agenda awaits consideration and discussion by elected members from throughout Scotland.

Commenting ahead of Friday’s meeting COSLA President Councillor Alison Evison said:  “COSLA is first and foremost a membership organisation – and we were delighted to see Renfrewshire return to the COSLA fold. 

“Taking our Convention meeting out on the road, enables us to better understand the needs of our membership. 

“In addition, getting out and about to Council areas gives us the chance to learn from one another and see and hear real examples of the best practice that is taking place.

“Paisley is Scotland’s largest town and a very good place to start our travels. I thank Renfrewshire Council very much for hosting us.

“Friday’s Convention meeting will include a Spotlight on Renfrewshire Council, featuring three short presentations and a presentation from two members of the Scottish Youth Parliament about participation in local democracy and the Scottish Youth Parliament in the Year of the Young People.

“It will also see the launch of the first ever COSLA Annual Report which sets out what we have been doing to deliver on our priorities over the last year.

“We will also be asking members to agree two new priorities on equalities and sustainability as we look forward.

“Finally, COSLA has recently upped its social media presence and people are welcome to engage and interact with Friday’s meeting using the hashtag #COSLAPAISLEY2018.”

Renfrewshire Council Leader Councillor Iain Nicolson said:  “I'm delighted COSLA has chosen Renfrewshire and Paisley as their first destination for the Convention.

“As a COSLA member once again, a strong voice for local government has never been more important as we jointly face the challenge of managing increasing demand for public services against limited resource.

“Working in partnership and listening to the needs of our communities is key to ensuring everyone can fulfil their potential and I very much look forward to this opportunity to share our experiences with councillors from across the country here in Paisley this week."  

Article published: 
Tue, 20/03/2018 - 09:06