COSLA welcomes prospect of Member's Bill setting out local democratic rights in Scotland

Legislation would bring Scotland in line with other modern democracies and cement partnership working between national and local government.
Commenting on the consultation launched today by Andy Wightman MSP, COSLA President Alison Evison said:
"Scotland is a very diverse country. We all want the same kinds of outcomes, but being able to choose the best way of achieving these locally really does matter to people’s lives.  What works in our towns is not the same as on our islands, just as services for our cities won’t always suit remote rural communities.  That is what local democracy is all about, and it’s my job as COSLA President to help strengthen it.

"Local government and the Scottish Government are both committed to working together to improve outcomes. But unlike many countries, this partnership isn’t cemented into our legal system.  

"Andy Wightman’s proposals recognise that the Charter of Self Government is the international standard for local democracy.  The Charter has already been ratified in the UK, and we can now take a big step forward by incorporating it into law in Scotland, and join the family of 46 other countries across Europe and beyond that have already done so.

"This is not a technical exercise – across Scotland the evidence shows that services are most efficient and effective when they are built around communities, and when people participate in the decisions that affect them.  We will be considering the full details over the summer, but I believe that this Bill can bring national and local government together to get on with that job for everyone’s benefit.

"There’s never been a better time to make this change, and I hope that politicians from across the political spectrum and all spheres of government will now get behind this consultation."

The consultation can be accessed at:

Article published: 
Fri, 29/06/2018 - 11:47