COSLA comment on countryside rangers

A COSLA Spokesperson: "COSLA recognises the important role which countryside rangers provide. Local Government has faced serious financial constraint in recent years which has impacted upon many vital services - countryside rangers included. Every organisation has to balance its budget, and this includes Local Authorities and SNH.

"While we recognise why supporters of specific services sometimes call for ring fencing, this is not something we support as it reduces the ability of councils to respond to local pressures taking cognisance of local need and circumstance.

"Demand for our essential services is at an all- time high and sadly demand for these essential services will always outstrip the ability to pay for them.

"The real solution is to properly fund Local Government across the board to allow it to meet the needs of its communities in a holistic way."

Article published: 
Mon, 30/07/2018 - 16:00