COSLA response to Suicide Prevention Action Plan 'Every Life Matters'

The Scottish Government today published its 'Suicide Prevention Action Plan: Every Life Matters’. Responding to the Action Plan, COSLA’s Spokesperson for Health and Social Care Councillor Peter Johnston said:

"All public services, including the third sector, must work together to prevent the tragedy of suicide and support people who contemplate suicide. It is our responsibility to ensure people at risk feel able to ask for and access help and that support is available to the families affected.

"COSLA supports the Scottish Government’s vision of a Scotland where suicide is preventable and in order to drive the reduction in suicide rates we all wish to see, every part of the system has a role to play. That requires leadership from both Scottish and Local Government. We welcome the appointment of Rose Fitzpatrick as chair of the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group and look forward to working with the group as it develops its recommendations to COSLA and Ministers."

Article published: 
Thu, 09/08/2018 - 10:00