Nominations for President and Vice President

Key Dates

  • Councils should inform COSLA of their Convention delegation by 8th June 

  • All nominations for President and Vice President must be made by members of Convention no later than 9th June 2017

  • The election will take place at COSLA Convention on 30th June by secret ballot

The first meeting of the COSLA Convention will take place on 30th June. This meeting will include the election of COSLA's President and Vice President, and appointment of Spokespersons.

It is members of Convention who nominate for the posts of President and Vice President. Councils will be considering their delegation for Convention following the Scottish Local Government elections. In order to fully participate in the election process, they need to have confirmed this with COSLA no later than 8th June 2017.

Convention members can then make nominations for the post of President and Vice President no later than 9th June 2017.

Any elected member from a COSLA member Council is eligible to be nominated for President and Vice President. The same candidate can be nominated for both posts.

In order to be valid, nominations must be made by two members of the Convention. While it is possible for nominations to be withdrawn, it is not possible to add further nominations after the 9th June deadline.

COSLA will write to all Convention Members with details of all nominations on 16th June 2017.

The election will then take place at COSLA Convention on 30th June by secret ballot. The President will be elected first, followed by the Vice President. COSLA's Constitution requires the President and Vice President to be of different genders and different political groups.

To make a nomination, please contact: