How we work in Brussels

Advocacy - At an officer level we work individually as well as with our UK and European counterparts to influence EU legislation, via the Scottish CoR Members, Scottish MEPs, Scottish Government as well as with meetings with the European Commission officials; we faciliate the Scottish Locally Elected European Representatives (SLEER) Group made up by councillors representing Scotland in European institutions and networks; at officer level this group is mirrored by the Scottish European Network of Local Officers (SENLO) group, which brings together practitioners and experts on a cross section of European policy issues.

Representation - We brief and support our elected representatives, notably our Presidential Team, CoR members and COSLA Spokespersons to ensure that they are able to present COSLA's views on EU matters both in Brussels as well as back in Scotland particularly via the EMILE network.

Raising the profile - We use all available opportunities to enable our political representatives to come to speak in Brussels and help support EU meetings in Scotland. For instance COSLA Regeneration Spokesperson was elected CEMR Environment Spokesperson on a COSLA-hosted meeting in Edinburgh. Similarly, our Scottish CoR members regularly attending high level meetings with EU Commissioners, chair seminars and are Draftspersons or Shadow Draftspersons of CoR Opinions.

Membership of networks - In order to be able to do all this we are active members of CEMR, work on a bilateral basis with UK and other National Associations (especially Baltic and Scandinavian), work with the Scottish Government and other Scottish and UK Brussels Offices thematic working groups.