Applications for the 2019 COSLA Excellence Awards are now open

Applications for the 2019 COSLA Excellence Awards are now open

If you think a project in your local authority has made a difference, then we want to hear about it.

The COSLA Excellence Awards showcase what Scottish Local Government is all about - changing lives for the better, every single day.

Across the country, councils are constantly working with a wide range of partners to transform and adapt to the challenges and opportunities their communities face. We want the 2019 Awards to focus on their real-life solutions to these issues, and help others build on them too. Our goal is to champion the very best in Scottish Local Government by showcasing projects that are breaking new ground and help roll these out across the country and beyond. Your project can be big or small, very new or well established. It might bring together a range of public, private or third sector partners, and of course communities themselves, and we would be pleased to welcome applications about how councils, integrated joint boards, community planning partnerships and others are coming together to reform and improve local services.

What’s important is that you tell us how you are achieving new results, delivering best value, and above all, helping make a real difference to outcome locally. To succeed, you’ll also need to show how you are meeting your communities’ needs, how local people are being empowered to shape the services that matter to them, and how you are making local places better for the long term.

The 2019 Awards are your chance to share your achievements and help others learn from your success.

Above all, we are looking for a clear outline of the impact that you have had, how you have been innovative or achieved best in class performance, and why you should be considered for a COSLA Excellence Award.

The application process closes on 31/05/2019 and you can download a copy of our applicantion pack here.