Name of Meeting: Convention
Date: Fri, 30/06/2017 - 11:30
Type: This meeting contains public and private items. Only registered members of the meeting can access private items. All users can access public items.
Venue: Verity House,
19 Haymarket Yards,

Includes election of Presidential Team, and appointment of Spokespersons


Items to be taken in Public Session
1. Election of President
2. Election of Vice President
3. Presentation on COSLA by Chief Executive
4. Changes to COSLA Constitution

5. Job descriptions of Office Bearers
6. Appointment of Spokespersons
7. Appointments to Outside Bodies
8. Appointments to COSLA Audit Group
9. COSLA Plan

10. COSLA Final Accounts 2016/17

11. Convention 31st March 2017 – For Approval

Political Group Pre-Meetings will be held in Verity House, with rooms being available from 9.30am and the allocation as follows:

  • SNP Group: Scott II
  • Labour Group: Burns I
  • Liberal Democrat Group: McCaig
  • Conservative Group: Scott I
  • Independent Group: Burns II
  • Green Group: Dunbar
  • Chief Executive’s Meeting: Caledonian