Leaders Meeting

Name of Meeting: Leaders Meeting
Date: Fri, 25/08/2017 - 10:30
Type: This meeting contains public and private items. Only registered members of the meeting can access private items. All users can access public items.
Venue: Verity House,
19 Haymarket Yards,


All reports will be presented to Leaders providing an opportunity for any specific questions on the reports.

1. Minute of Previous Meeting 30th June and Matters Arising

Item to be taken in Private Session

2. Education Governance and Regional Collaboration

Items to be taken in Public Session

3. Exceptions to two-child limit for Child Tax Credit
4. Brexit
5. Local Democracy
6. Grenfell Tower Tragedy
7. Communications Strategy - COSLA Communication Strategy 2017-2022
8. Employers’ Organisation Groups
9. Trading Standards Scotland Board – Membership
10. Scottish Government Programme for Government 2017-18
11. Paisley UK City Of Culture 2021

Recess for political group discussions anticipated to be 11.30am
Return for discussion and decision on agenda items as per 1-11 above – 12.45pm