Health and Social Care Board

Name of Meeting: Health and Social Care Board
Date: Fri, 24/05/2019 - 10:30 - 13:00
Type: This meeting is public.
Venue: Verity House,
19 Haymarket Yards,


1. Welcome and Apologies
2. Minute of Previous Meeting of 22 March 2019

Public Session

3. COSLA Health and Social Care Board Plan

4. Social Work Scotland – Organisational Revie
5. Historical Child Abuse Payments
6. Devolved Social Security
7. Digital Health and Care Strategy
(Appendix 7A is Private and Confidential for Private Session)

Private Session

8. National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group
9. Children and Young People’s Mental Health Taskforce
10. Public Health Reform
11. Health and Social Care Integration – Review of Progress
12. Reform of Adult Social Care
13. Self-Directed Support: Implementation Plan 2019-2021
14. Alcohol and Drug Partnerships Delivery Framework


15. Date of Next Meeting: Friday 2 August 2019