Name of Meeting: Convention
Date: Fri, 11/10/2019 - 13:45 - 14:30
Type: This meeting is private. Only registered members of the meeting can access agenda items.
Venue: Fairmont,
St. Andrews



Items to be taken in Public Session

Welcome from COSLA President

1. Minute of Previous Meeting of Convention on 29 March 2019

2. Motion from Aberdeen City Council (received in accordance with COSLA Standing Orders, Section II – Notices of Motion)

COSLA notes Aberdeen City Council, the 3rd biggest city in Scotland, only receives £60,199m in General Revenue Grant.

Notes Aberdeen City Council generates 86% of its own revenue through Council Tax and Business Rates, the highest percentage in Scotland.

Seeks COSLA’s support for Aberdeen City Council to retain the extra £28m it raised in Business Rates without a reduction in the General Revenue Grant as agreed between COSLA and the Scottish Government.

Seeks a full review of the distribution formula which disadvantages Aberdeen City Council massively.

3. Spending Review

4. UK Exit from EU Update

5. Local Governance Review

6. COSLA’s Audited Financial Statements for Year Ending 31 March 2019

Appendix A


Items to be taken in Private Session

7. COSLA Priorities Update April – September 2019