Response to Education rumours

COSLA’s Education Spokesperson Councillor Stephanie Primrose said today (Thursday) that the education service delivered by councils and the future of Scotland’s young people were far too important to hear of possible changes to Councils role in education through the media. 

Councillor Primrose said: 

“Our record on education is good and we are certainly not complacent and always happy to seek ways of improvement.  The real disappointment is that COSLA has already done the thinking here.  We held a very successful “Raising Attainment“ event last year which crystalised the thinking on how education in Scotland can be further improved.  The main theme to emerge from the day was very clearly that schools are part of a whole system geared around children and  communities and cannot be seen in isolation.  What must always be recognised is both the hard work of our teaching staff and pupils.

“It is disappointing that such an important issue all seems to be hearsay and rumour at the moment.  Children and their families do not benefit from hearsay and rumour and that is why the time for straight talking is now, before we sleepwalk into an education system that Scotland so wholeheartedly rejected nearly 30 years ago.”   

COSLA President Councillor David O’Neill said:  

“Only this week I personally wrote to the First Minister to congratulate her on her appointment and setting out a very positive approach that local government wished to take in its working with the Scottish Government.

“I am therefore disappointed that this is not a very good start from the new Scottish Government in terms of developing a relationship with local government.  The education service itself and all those who work in it, together with our young people are far too important for such behaviour.

“In some senses I wish that they would just be more upfront about some of their thinking around education because then people would start to really see what is being proposed and the implications of this.

“Scotland’s Councils have a very good record on education, as the First Minister said yesterday herself pointing to record exam passes and good positive destinations.  The Finance Minister has also said that there is nothing wrong with Councils running education.  We have also had a positive report last year from international experts (the OECD) on the state of Scottish education.

“So with all of these positives, why are we getting these statements from Government that something has to be done on local authorities’ role in education.  This is the wrong focus for Government if they genuinely want to tackle attainment.

“Attainment is improved by a number of factors, including excellent class room practice , the quality of leadership in schools, the setting of high standards and scrutinising and evaluating delivery and supporting families so they can help their own children learn.  Altering how schools are funded or run won’t change any of that but it could make things worse by effectively ring fencing money in the class room that could go towards programmes in communities that  help children at home.”

Article published: 
Thu, 26/05/2016 - 15:15