Local Government family unite around Education

Ahead of the Scottish Government’s Summit on education later this week, education experts from across the system today urged the Scottish Government to proceed with caution and take those with the expertise with them.

Speaking today (Monday) COSLA‘s education spokesperson Councillor Stephanie Primrose said: 

“Ahead of Wednesday’s summit I would appeal to Mr Swinney to proceed with caution.  The aim of central government, local government and all those with an interest in young people is the same, we all have similar aspirations, we all want them to succeed. 

“There is plenty to be celebrated within the Scottish education system and to proceed in a hasty manner could do irreparable damage for future generations.

“We know that there is room for improvement in the system and we are up for playing an active role within that improvement/change agenda.

“We also know from evidence that it is wrong to treat any aspect of a child’s development in isolation.  Instead, all parties should be looking to break down boundaries and silos and continue to integrate services so that each family has the full range of support they require without moving from one public body to another.  Right now, if a child needs extra support, the council is there for them with all the services and expertise that is required to make a real difference.  We will improve attainment of children in poverty only by supporting the whole family.

“Councils are uniquely placed to support every need of the child due, in no small part, to the expertise and professionalism of all their employees who make a difference to families every single day.”

“Ultimately this debate should focus on the needs of families and the local government family, kept together, can deliver for all those needs.”

Chair of the Scottish Local government Partnership, Cllr Jenny Laing said:

“Everybody involved in educating Scotland’s young people wants to them to achieve their potential. There is a wealth of experience and expertise, both in our schools and other local services that support our communities, which makes a real difference to lives and the futures of young people and their families, every day. 

“Losing that will would be a backwards step. Learning should be at the heart of our communities, not isolated from them.”

Professionals across the system backed the elected members’ call for Scottish Government to work in partnership with them and other agencies.  Maureen McKenna, Chair of ADES, said:

“Local authorities, working in collaboration with each other, the Scottish Government and other national agencies, are uniquely placed to deliver improvement and to ensure Excellence and Equity in our education system. Together, we must focus on effective leadership and on high quality learning and teaching, with the child and the child's family at the centre of everything we do.”

Malcolm Burr, Chair of SOLACE Scotland, said:

“Our Councils are committed to the continuous improvement of public services, and to continuing to be a  positive influence in the lives of children and young people. SOLACE welcomes being part of this discussion and drive for improvement.”

Article published: 
Mon, 13/06/2016 - 00:01