Consultation on mainstreaming in education launched today

Local Authorities and Scottish Government share the commitment to inclusive education and have worked together with partners over many years in the to the development of legislative and policy frameworks to support children and young people with additional support needs. Working with children and families, local authorities endeavour to Get it Right for Every Child, despite years of cuts to local government budgets which mean the services and resources that support children and families are more stretched than ever.

The collaborative approach to the development of “Excellence and Equality for All: Guidance on the Presumption of Mainstreaming” for consultation has provided an opportunity to share good practice and learn from the experiences of children, young people, their families and those that support their learning.

The work to develop a greater understanding of experiences of inclusion and mainstreaming in Scottish schools will provide insights informing future practice, so learners have access to the opportunities which support them to achieve their full potential. We will continue to work with Scottish Government, ADES, and other partners, to continually improve and build on the support for children, families and those involved in their learning.

Councillor Stephen McCabe COSLA Children and Young People spokesperson said:

“We welcome the consultation on the guidance and work to develop a greater understanding of experiences of inclusion and mainstreaming in Scottish schools. Local authorities strive, working with children and their families, to get it right for every child, and we will continue to work with the Scottish Government and partners to build on the excellent practice that exists across Scotland to support children who have additional support needs.”

The consultation can be found on the Scottish Government's consultation hub and is open until 9th February 2018.

Article published: 
Thu, 02/11/2017 - 15:30