COSLA renews its call for a fair deal for local government

COSLA has today (Tuesday) renewed its call for more resources to maintain essential local services and to help towards meeting the pay expectations of the local government work force now that the public sector pay cap has been lifted.

Speaking this morning COSLA’s Resources Spokesperson Councillor Gail Macgregor said: “We have two things running side by side. Firstly, the need to maintain essential services for our communities and secondly the ability to make a fair offer to our workforce which we value highly.

“Scottish Local Government cannot continue, in terms of the services we provide and in terms of our workforce, to be the poor relation of the public sector.

“The reality of our situation is that we are faced with a cash cut to our funding in the order of £150 million – and this will certainly be felt by our communities.

“In addition to this cut, there are serious financial challenges that lie ahead in several areas, an obvious one being public sector pay.

“There is no doubt that an expectation has been created amongst our workforce that they will benefit from the lifting of the public sector pay cap.

“Our current allocation from the Scottish Government obviously falls some way short of meeting these two main objectives and that is why today we are renewing our call for fair funding for local government.”

Article published: 
Tue, 23/01/2018 - 13:05