Fife confirms its climate commitment

Fife Council strengthens its commitment to climate change action and our reputation for sustainability. Fife’s people, businesses and environment depend upon the way we reduce carbon emissions and respond to the impacts of climate change.

Councillor Jim Leishman, Provost of Fife, has made Fife Council the latest signatory to the ‘Global Covenant of Mayors on Climate Change’, while Co-Leaders David Ross and David Alexander and Fife Council Chief Executive Steve Grimmond, reaffirmed Fife’s commitment to Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration.

Councillor Jim Leishman said: “Taking action on climate change is important to both protecting and improving the lives of people in Fife. Fife is proud to be part of the global community making this commitment. “

“Fife continues to innovate in areas such as climate and energy. However, there are even bigger challenges ahead, and enormous opportunities for Fife. To support this work the Council is developing a Fife Sustainable Energy Climate Action Plan. This will be a practical route map for local action guiding Fife through the societal changes we need to make over the coming years. We look forward to working with many of you to take forward this work. ”

Chair of the Fife Environmental Partnership, Katherine Leys: “On behalf of the Partnership we welcome this important Fife wide-approach. Taking action on energy and adapting to climate change can bring real benefits to Fife. The Fife Sustainable Energy Climate Action Plan is important for the whole of Fife: for business, community, third sector and public sector. We look forward to working with others on to develop this plan and take it forward.”

By signing the Covenant of Mayors the Council commits to develop a Fife Sustainable Energy Climate Action Plan. This plan will build on existing good work across Fife. It will cover practical things like local changes to support transformation in how we use energy at home or work, or what to do to prepare for changes in our climate. The plan will set out a where action is needed, and ways to improve opportunities between different priorities. Climate change is a challenge for all of us. The Fife Sustainable Energy Climate Action Plan is an all Fife plan, so communities, business and third sector are encouraged to get involved.

Commenting on Fife Council joining the Covenant, COSLA President Councillor Alison Evison said: “The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities congratulates Fife Council on joining the Covenant of Mayors. With Scottish Local Authorities under pressure to maintain essential services, Fife Council’s commitment to climate change is a result of strong and continued political and practitioner dedication.

"Scottish Local Government is playing its full role in Scotland’s domestic and international climate agenda, to combating climate change and adapting to a more resilient future in collaboration with our partners, stakeholders and local communities.”

Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) development allows Local Authorities to adopt a strategic approach to climate action and assists local decision making in priority and high-risk areas. It provides an inventory of carbon emissions, risk assessment and climate policies which is used to identify local climate actions and projects in consultation with the local community.

Article published: 
Mon, 05/03/2018 - 13:23