COSLA response to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) report

COSLA response to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) report on impact of EEA migration in the UK published this week.

Councillor Elena Whitham, COSLA Community Wellbeing Spokesperson, said:

"COSLA is disappointed with the MAC’s report. In the detailed evidence that we provided to them, we raised significant concerns about the implications that a reduction of in-migration to Scotland from EEA countries could have for Scotland’s local authorities and our communities. 
"EEA migration plays a crucial role in counteracting our demographic challenges and addressing local economic and workforce issues. Migrants from the EEA have also greatly enriched Scotland’s communities and our social and cultural life.
"We note that the MAC has recognised that lower migration could lead to population decline and that this problem does not start and end at the Scottish border. This is exactly why we need a flexible immigration system that considers local requirements across the UK, and why this call has come not just from Scotland, but from across the UK, including from each of the devolved administrations.
"I’m sorry to say that the MAC’s recommendations certainly do not ease Scottish local authorities’ concerns about the impact that Brexit will have with respect to our population needs."
Click on this link to view COSLA's evidence to MAC.
Article published: 
Thu, 20/09/2018 - 13:17