Comment from Councillor Stephen McCabe on the Poverty and Inequality Commission report out today

Councillor Stephen McCabe, COSLA Children and Young People spokesperson said:


“We welcome this report from the Poverty and Inequality Commission and the opportunity we had to meet with the Commissioner and his team. In general terms local authorities work closely with their partners to address child poverty.  Their work is often bold and innovative and there is an increasing understanding of what works. There is increasing support for those on the lowest incomes with more local authorities involved in the cost of the school day initiatives.


“We know from our own data that the vast majority of local authorities provide some form of out of school hours provision for children and young people experiencing poverty. Whilst food is a part of this it is also focussed on activities and parental support and involvement. This is work that is funded largely by local authorities themselves at a time where there are significant budget pressures on essential services.


“We are in discussions with the Scottish Government on how we can work in partnership to support those on the lowest incomes in the holiday periods and at other times outside of school hours.”

Article published: 
Tue, 27/11/2018 - 09:32