COSLA stresses vital role that Local Government plays in Scottish economy as it calls on the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work to help deliver inclusive growth for our communities.

Ahead of the budget negotiation period, COSLA today (5th November) launched a briefing document entitled Fair Funding for Essential Services 2019/20 which outlines in detail the central role that Local Government plays in both the local and Scottish economy.

Commenting on the launch, COSLA’s Resources Spokesperson Councillor Gail MacGregor said:

“Local Government plays a crucial role in the Scottish economy as an employer, a procurer, an investor and as a strategic leader. Through delivery of essential services, we drive economic development and help bring people back into work – these create opportunities for both individuals and communities to thrive.

“We have a shared ambition with the Scottish Government to provide the best opportunities for our communities to prosper.

“A strong local government is critical if we are to continue to protect our communities and deliver the vital services we all rely so heavily on. Councils are at the forefront of protecting Scotland’s young people, tackling homelessness and ensuring a healthy and safe living environment for all citizens.

“December’s budget must reflect the essential role of local government in our economy and in our communities. By investing in it we can deliver our shared ambition of inclusive growth across Scotland.”

Echoing this call COSLA President Councillor Alison Evison said: “We are launching this important document today to highlight exactly how much of a contribution Local Government makes to the Scottish economy while also delivering essential services to our communities.

“Councils have made necessary and significant savings but there are now no options left. We cannot be made to cut our essential services without it having a wider, detrimental impact upon our communities.

“We have no capacity to take on additional initiatives, however beneficial the outcomes would be to our communities, unless the financial settlement is increased accordingly.

“I am calling on the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy & Fair Work to make sure this budget invests in local government so that together we can deliver inclusive growth for communities across Scotland.”

Article published: 
Mon, 05/11/2018 - 10:15