COSLA supports 16 Days of Activism - Day 4

Equally Safe is Scotland's strategy to prevent and eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls. The Strategy and its associated Delivery Plan was developed by COSLA and the Scottish Government in association with a wide range of partners.  
Councillor Kelly Parry, COSLA’s Community Wellbeing Spokesperson, says, “The strategy fosters collaborative working between key partners in the public, private and third sectors to achieve its aims and vision. That vision is one of a strong and flourishing Scotland where women and girls live their lives free from all forms of violence and abuse. 
Local Government’s role is both critical and challenging. We know that no single partner alone has the resource, skills or reach to achieve the aims of Equally Safe. It is only by working across spheres of government and through a broad range of agencies, that we will achieve success. It is also critical that the voices of women and children with lived experience of gender-based violence are informing our policy and practice locally.
Local Violence Against Women Partnerships linked to other local structures are the corner stone of our progress to meet the demanding aims local Equally Safe implementation. To support their vital work we have worked with the Improvement Service to produce guidance through which local partnerships base their operations and the Equally Safe Quality Standards and Performance Framework so that the focus is firmly on outcomes and so that a sense of joint ownership between everyone at a local level is strengthened.  
We will continue our work together with the Improvement Service to ensure that every local authority in Scotland has a high performing Violence Against Women Partnership, and to explore and find solutions towards stabilising violence against women multi-agency work in this challenging economic climate.
Article published: 
Thu, 29/11/2018 - 09:58