COSLA supports 16 Days of Activism - Day 7

‘Everyday Heroes is a Programme designed by a group of young and adult experts on gender-based violence to help make Scotland a safer and more equal country. It was developed to make sure that children and young people could participate in planning for action to inform the implementation of the Equally Safe Strategy across Scotland.

125 children and young people took part in workshops run by workers from 17 organisations. Lots of these were young survivors of abuse. 439 young people from across Scotland took part in a youth-led gender equality survey. Children from all 32 of Scotland’s Local Authorities were involved.

They considered two questions:

  • What would improve the journeys of young abuse survivors through services and the justice system?
  • What could help improve societal attitudes and people’s lives in relation to gender equality?


Their summarised priorities for action locally and nationally are to:


  • Improve services, justice and education responses
  • Tackle gender inequality and societal attitudes
  • Ensure sustained participation of young abuse survivors, children and young people in taking these actions forward.


COSLA’s Community Wellbeing Spokesperson, Cllr Kelly Parry last week met many of the children and young people involved.


Cllr Parry said “children of all genders are subject to harm through violence against women and this has significant consequences on their lives, including (but not limited to) children and young people who are directly or indirectly harmed through violence and abuse perpetrated by adults in their lives. Children and young people have a right to protection and to support through which they can recover from abuse.

Those young people who have lived with gender-based violence need to be understood by us all as experts, and so it was a privilege to hear directly from these ‘Everyday Heroes’. Their experience and advice can better inform us how to ensure our interventions are early and effective and how they can better maximise the safety of women, children and young people. As co-Chair of the Equally Safe Joint Strategic Board, COSLA, together with the Scottish Government, is committed to ensuring that Equally Safe delivers real change for women and children. I will ensure that the children’s detailed recommendations are championed across all of COSLA’s Policy Boards.”






Article published: 
Tue, 04/12/2018 - 12:15