COSLA supports 16 Days of Activism - Day 9

Local Government has an important role to play in tackling violence against women and girls.


COSLA’s Community Wellbeing Spokesperson, Cllr Kelly Parry says, “as co-owner of the Equally Safe Strategy COSLA takes its responsibilities seriously but it is only by working together across every area of Scottish life that we will successfully prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls.

Successful delivery of Equally Safe needs the engagement of the full range of interests including, Police Scotland, the NHS, the civil and criminal justice systems, social work, housing, media, the business sector, trade unions, third sector organisations and individuals and communities too No single partner alone has the resource, skills or reach to achieve the change we have committed to, and while our expert, specialist organisations remain key in supporting those affected by violence and abuse - it is not just an issue for them.

It is only by working across services and between agencies that we will successfully achieve the vision and aims of Equally Safe.”


Key to this is local co-ordination and strong strategic oversight, and Violence Against Women Partnerships) are the multi-agency mechanism to deliver on Equally Safe’s goalsat a local strategic level. While the membership of local VAW Partnerships and their governance arrangements will differ from area to area, there are – and should be – common themes to their work and there are a set of minimum standards expected of all VAW Partnerships.

Cllr Parry explains, “the Improvement Service coordinates the National Network and regularly brings together the local Violence Against Women Partnership Coordinators/Lead Officers from across Scotland with other key stakeholders including COSLA and the Scottish Government.  Through this we share information, learning and resources and ensure that there is meaningful engagement and a coordinated approach taken on relevant issues.”

Article published: 
Thu, 06/12/2018 - 11:40