Anchor, Early Action System Change – Shetland

The objectives of Anchor are:

  • To facilitate family-led problem-solving with those families engaged with anchor
  • To record and share learning on barriers and opportunities to family-led problem solving and the value of early intervention; and
  • To demonstrate the potential value of system change, and facilitate system change through stimulating either small incremental changes of step-changes.In year one the priority for Anchor was to make substantial progress against the project’s first objective of working with families and its second objective of recording and sharing the learning from family-led support. By focusing on these objectives Anchor aimed to create a solid foundation that would enable progress towards its third objective – system change – as the project matures.In its first year Anchor has established effective processes and practices for working with families.

    The ‘Anchor approach’ has been thoroughly welcomed by families and the schools involved. The approach adopted by Anchor has generated positive outcomes and impacts for the supported families. The number of families supported has been relatively small, eight in total, but each engagement has generated a wealth of information that can support Anchor to achieve its overall goal of system change.Anchor works with supported individuals to break-down the challenges they are facing as a family unit into issues for which specific action can be taken or support can be sought.

    Anchor works directly with families to support the family but, more importantly, so that it evidence can be gathered on where system change might be implemented to improve the outcomes for many more families.

    Further information is available here.