Elected Member Briefings
Each week, COSLA compiles key COVID-19 information for Scotland’s Elected Members to support them as they work and serve their local communities through the pandemic.

Select from months below to review the previously published briefings in full:

All EMBs from August 2021 onwards are links to the Mailchimp version:

November 2022:

Friday 25th November

Friday 18th November

Friday 11th November

Friday 4th November

October 2022:

Friday 28th October

Wednesday 19th October

Friday 14th October

Thursday 6th October

September 2022:

Friday 30th September

Thursday 22nd September

Wednesday 14th September - no briefing this week

Wednesday 7th September

April 2022:

Wednesday 27 April
Tuesday 19 April
Wednesday 13 April

Wednesday 6 April

March 2022:

Wednesday 30 March
Wednesday 23 March

Thursday 17 March
Thursday 10 March
Thursday 3 March

February 2022:

Wednesday 23 February
Tuesday 15 February
Wednesday 9 February
Thursday 3 February

January 2022:

Friday 28 January
Thursday 20 January
Thursday 13 January

December 2021:

Wednesday 22 December
Wednesday 15 December
Wednesday 8 December
Wednesday 1 December

November 2021:
Wednesday 24 November
Wednesday 17th November
Wednesday 10th November
Thursday 4th November

October 2021:
Wednesdat 27th October
Wednesday 20th October
Wednesday 13th October
Wednesday 6th October

September 2021:
Wednesday 29th September
Wednesday 22nd September
Wednesday 15th September
Wednesday 8th September
Wednesday 1st September

August 2021:
Wednesday 4th August
Tuesday 10th August
Wednesday 18th August
Wednesday 25th August

All EMBs transcribed to the COSLA website:
July 2021:
Tuesday 6th July
Tuesday 13th July
Wednesday 21st July
Tuesday 27th July

June 2021:
Tuesday 1st June
Tuesday 8th June
Tuesday 15th June
Tuesday 22nd June

May 2021:
Wednesday 26th May
Tuesday 18th May
Thursday 13th May
Wednesday 5th May
April 2021:
Tuesday 27th April
Tuesday 20th April
Tuesday 13th April
Thursday 8th April

March 2021:
Tuesday 23rd March
Tuesday 16th March
Wednesday 10th March
Tuesday 2nd March

February 2021:
Tuesday 23rd February
Wednesday 17th February
Tuesday 9th February
Wednesday 3rd February

January 2021
Tuesday 26th January
Wednesday 20th January
Wednesday 13th January

December 2020
Monday 21st December
Tuesday 15th December
Tuesday 8th December
Tuesday 1st December

November 2020
Wednesday 25th November
Tuesday 17th November
Tuesday 10th November
Wednesday 4th November

October 2020
Wednesday 28th October
Wednesday 21st October
Wednesday 14th October
Wednesday 7th October

September 2020
Wednesday 30th September
Wednesday 23rd September
Tuesday 15th September
Tuesday 8th September
Tuesday 1st September

August 2020
Wednesday 26th August
Tuesday 18 August 2020
Tuesday 11 August 2020
Tuesday 4 August 2020

July 2020 
Tuesday 28 July 2020
Tuesday 21 July 2020
Tuesday 14 July 2020 ( PDF, 299.19 KB)
Tuesday 7 July 2020 ( PDF, 278.67 KB)

June 2020
Tuesday 30 June 2020  (PDF, 302.6 KB)
Tuesday 23 June 2020 ( PDF, 311.86 KB)
Tuesday 16 June 2020 ( PDF, 314 KB)
Tuesday 10 June 2020 ( PDF, 472.18 KB)
Wednesday 3 June 2020 ( PDF, 127.42 KB)

May 2020
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 26th May 2020 ( PDF, 117.83 KB)
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 19th May 2020 (PDF, 129.7 KB)
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 13th May 2020 ( PDF, 113.94 KB)
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 6th May 2020 ( DOC, 63.5 KB)

April 2020
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 28th April ( PDF, 148.99 KB)
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 21st April ( PDF, 156.71 KB)
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 14th April ( PDF, 162.7 KB)
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 7th April ( PDF, 147.46 KB)

March 2020
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 31st March ( PDF, 154.24 KB)
COSLA COVID-19 Bulletin: 24th March ( PDF, 124.04 KB)

COSLA COVID-19 Guidance for Elected Members