STRIVE – Clackmannanshire

‘Safeguarding through Rapid Intervention (STRIVE) is a multi-agency, public sector team working together to improve the existing system of safeguarding vulnerable individuals within Clackmannanshire on the cusp of statutory intervention. Sharing crucial pieces of information at the earliest opportunity between trusted partners means practitioners are better able to “join the dots” to understand the overall vulnerability of cases and share knowledge of existing support and interventions underway: this better informs the most appropriate action, reduces the likelihood and impact of people experiencing crisis and reduces the intensive resource required by services.’

An evaluation of STRIVE was undertaken in March 2021 by Vanguard Scotland Ltd. Benefits of STRIVE identified are: preventing homelessness by supporting individuals and families to obtain and sustain new or more suitable tenancies; improving financial security by undertaking immediate financial assessments, improving access to benefits entitlements and access to further education and employability; reducing police involvement; providing a rapid, direct pathway from the STRIVE table to mental health and wellbeing supports; reducing alcohol and drugs use; keeping families together; supporting those fleeing domestic violence; improving fire safety in the home; and arranging support to undertake household tasks.