Locality Operational Groups (LOGS) – Edinburgh

This approach started in response to the COVID pandemic. Third sector and the Council staff work together for the benefits of children and families, using an asset-based, dynamic approach, focusing on problem solving. – dynamic, iterative. There is one LOG in each locality, coming together once a week for up to an hour to address problems and find solutions, giving a real-time understanding of what’s happening, raising the profile of challenges like digital inclusion.

It has proved to be an effective way of joint working with a different relationship between the Council and third sector, where members attend to bring their expertise, knowledge etc to solve problems. It is also a highly effective at rapid intelligence gathering – ask a question one week, get back a solid response from across the network by the next (credible, effective, action/solution orientated, effective joint working). and all report into a Task Force and then to the Children’s Partnership.

Set up during COVID, the work of the LOGS has highlighted existing challenges and the intention is to continue to focus on working together to address these entrenched longer- term issues.