COSLA Responds to Deputy First Minister’s Statement on Education Reform
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Responding to the Parliamentary statement on education reform today from the Deputy First Minister, COSLA Children and Young People Spokesperson Councillor Stephen McCabe said:

“COSLA and the wider local government family have worked closely with the Scottish Government and other stakeholders to ensure that we deliver an empowered education system that makes certain all children and young people get the most from their time at school.

“We have also focussed on how everyone involved in Scottish education can work to this goal and that includes national and local government, schools, headteachers and teachers, wider support staff, children and young people and parents.

“We have always been clear that these changes can be achieved by taking a non-legislative route. As such we very much welcome the fact that the Deputy First Minister supports and recognises the good progress that has been made and we will continue to take forward the reforms to Scottish education without the need for legislation.

“We look forward to working with all partners in the coming months to fully embed and expand empowerment in the education system.”