Gypsy/Travellers statement issued today
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From Councillor Elena Whitham

“Scotland’s Councils are committed to protecting and promoting the rights of Gypsy/Travellers, who should be respected members of our diverse communities with a culture that is valued.

“While today’s report suggests that not all local authority- run sites meet the required standard, we understand that the majority of councils that this applies to have now submitted plans and outlined the steps they are taking to address any outstanding issues.

“Everyone living in our communities has the right to a safe and secure place to stay, and that is why COSLA and our member councils are determined to support better accommodation and experiences for Gypsy/Traveller communities.  This was a commitment made loud and clear by Council Leaders earlier this month.

“Our focus going forward is to ensure that councils have the resources and support that they need, not only to upgrade existing sites but to develop future provision that can meet the needs and aspirations of the community.”