COSLA Media Statement - PPE
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COSLA President Councillor Alison Evison said: “This Easter weekend will be very different to previous years and it is for this reason that I wanted to say two things today (Friday).

“Firstly thank you to all the Local Government Workers who will continue to deliver essential services to communities during this period.

“I was pleased to Chair a meeting between COSLA, The Deputy First Minister and two Cabinet Secretaries along with our Trade Union Colleagues on Wednesday, bringing us all together in an important virtual meeting.

“It was here that all sides agreed that social and home care workers can wear a fluid resistant face mask, along with other appropriate PPE, where the person they are visiting or otherwise attending to is neither confirmed nor suspected of having COVID19, if they consider doing so necessary to their own and the individual’s safety.

“COSLA played a major part in securing this for the workforce, and we are pleased with this constructive outcome after several weeks of determined work and discussions with partners.

“The second part of my message is a reminder for people to follow coronavirus guidance over the Easter weekend. Staying at home does save lives.

“Individuals across Scotland have helped greatly in tackling coronavirus (COVID-19) by observing the restrictions, and by staying home – it is important that this is continued over the Easter Weekend.”