Extending PPE access to all social care providers

Supplies to be given to unpaid and family carers and personal assistants.

Everyone who provides social care will have access to appropriate PPE under new arrangements announced by the Health Secretary.

From Monday 27 April, local Hubs will distribute PPE supplies to the whole of the social care sector where normal supply routes have not been successful. These hubs will extend their provision to include all social care providers, and unpaid or family carers and personal assistants.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, global supply chains have been put under immense pressure and that is why the Scottish Government has set up supplies of PPE to support the social care sector from the national stock.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said:
“The Scottish Government values the importance of everyone who is providing social care and we want to ensure they have access to appropriate PPE.

“As we respond to the challenges from global scarcity of PPE, we have worked with partners to agree an improved model that will ensure all social care providers have access to supplies from national NHS stock.

“This has only been possible because of a shared aim to ensure the right PPE gets to the right people at the right time and to keep everyone safe.

“In the coming weeks, we will collectively monitor how this model is operating, identifying challenges quickly and taking action as we deal with the evolving nature of the pandemic.”

Health and Social Care spokesperson for COSLA, Councillor Stuart Currie said:
“COSLA welcomes this announcement which will ensure PPE provision for unpaid and family carers and personal assistants.

“Local Government has worked with partners across the sector to develop this model to ensure those who are supporting vulnerable people within their communities and all parts of the workforce have access to the PPE they need.”