COSLA Leaders welcome Scottish Government commitment to a deserved payment for health and social care staff
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COSLA Leaders today (Friday) welcomed The Scottish Government’s commitment to a deserved payment for the efforts seen by staff in health and social care during the COVID 19 response.

Leaders emphasised that employees across the public sector continue daily to deliver essential services to some of the most vulnerable members of our communities and they are doing so during an anxious and challenging time for us all.

Councillor Gail Macgregor, COSLA Resources Spokesperson said:  “The value of Scottish Local Government has undoubtedly been demonstrated throughout the pandemic and Leaders therefore also called on Scottish Government to recognise not just some but all Covid-19 responders and key workers across Local Government who have been working throughout.

“It is only as ‘one workforce’ that have we been able to ensure, in extremely difficult circumstances, the everyday essential services to keep our communities safe, healthy and well could be delivered. There are thousands of employees working on the frontline in our villages, towns and cities including those delivering food, medicine and essential items, those collecting waste, those cleaning, catering, carrying out essential maintenance, those who staffed hubs for key worker children and those keeping our schools and education running .  As well as, the very many working behind the scenes to ensure services do not falter and delivering services unseen such as business grants, environmental health and trading standards.”

“Leaders were unanimous in their call that the efforts of all our staff are recognised and that Scottish Government commits to ensuring no-one is left behind and that these payments are fully funded."