Local Government responds to the final publication of the Independent Care Review
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Local Government welcomes the recommendations from the Independent Care Review and encourages all partners to work together to ensure we build a care system that meets the needs of Scotland’s young people.

The Review was announced by the First Minister in October 2016 as a ‘root and branch’ review of the care system and a remit to examine the underpinning legislation, practices, culture and ethos.

Since the Independent Care Review, chaired by Fiona Duncan, began their work in February 2017 local government has been closely involved. This includes membership of the Review’s workstreams during the Journey Stage and providing opportunities for the Review to interact with locally Elected Members.

Councillor Stephen McCabe, COSLA’s Children and Young People’s Spokesperson said:

“Local Government is committed to ensuring that all of Scotland’s children and young people received the best care possible and welcome the recommendations of the Independent Care Review which have come directly from those with lived experience of the system.

“We look forward to working with all partners, including the Scottish Government, to drive this work forward. It will require change across the whole system to ensure that children and young people are put first, furthermore support must be informed by their needs, properly resourced and supported by an experienced valued workforce”

Dr Grace Vickers, Chief Executive of Midlothian Council and SOLACE Scotland Lead for Children and Young People, said:

“We welcome this launch which reflects what 5,500 care experienced children, young adults, families and the workforce told the Independent Care Review. We look forward to being an integral part of the change which has been asked for by those with experience of Care.”

Ben Farrugia, Director of Social Work Scotland, said:

“The Independent Care Review – through the voices and experiences of thousands of care experienced people - provides a vision for our care system which will put human rights and relationships at its core.  Scotland must now move into a period of change which will empower and enable the people who make up that care system, unlocking the potential of families, social workers, teachers and many others. This is our chance to ensure that every family and child has access to the right support, at the right time, from the right person. We look forward to playing our part in building that better future.”