Budgets are at breaking point warns COSLA President
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COSLA President Councillor Alison Evison has today (Monday) warned that years without fair funding for Scottish Local Government has meant that councils’ budgets are at breaking point.

In recent years the amount of funding for Scotland’s councils to spend on essential services has reduced, as well as being increasingly ringfenced for specific Scottish Government priorities, meaning local politicians have less freedom to deliver for their communities.

Commenting on the state of Local Government Finance COSLA President Councillor Evison said: "Without adequate investment in Scotland’s Councils the cracks are starting to show. In every indicator whether it is economic growth, tackling climate change, well-being or child poverty, cuts to council budgets will mean targets are missed.

"This goes well beyond money. This goes to the heart of our communities. We now have a situation where communities are losing their sense of pride as social isolation rises due to community projects and initiatives being cut.

"If the Scottish Government is truly serious about creating sustainable communities then they must provide Scotland’s Councils with a fair settlement as part of this year’s budget."