COSLA response to launch of 'Migration: Helping Scotland Prosper'
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In response to the First Minister’s launch of the Scottish Government policy paper ‘Migration: Helping Scotland Prosper’, COSLA President, Councillor Alison Evison, has stated:

“COSLA would like this policy paper to start a meaningful debate on what our immigration system should look like post-Brexit. There is a strong unified voice across all sectors in Scotland in favour of a flexible immigration system that can meet our particular economic, workforce and population needs.

"For many years, COSLA has been calling for an immigration system that can be responsive to local as well as national needs and that recognises and addresses the challenges that we face. We have to identify more policy levers to encourage people to move to Scotland and Local Government has a key role to play in developing an immigration system that works for every part of Scotland.

"We look forward to engaging in a fruitful conversation to enable this to happen.”