Education Recovery Group
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The Education Recovery Group (ERG) met today to progress plans for reopening schools full-time for all pupils in August provided scientific and clinical evidence supports that position.

The ERG will work together over the summer to ensure that plans are developed collaboratively for a smooth transition back to school for all children and young people.

The regular three-weekly reviews of the coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations include specific consideration of the evidence and data relating to transmission within schools and amongst young people.

To provide clarity to staff, parents and pupils, the group agreed to provide advice that enables a decision on whether it is safe for pupils to return to schools on a full-time basis as soon as possible, and no later than July 30.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:

“I would like to record again my appreciation for the flexibility, professionalism and commitment of staff across the system in supporting the care and education of Scotland’s children and young people during the period of school closure, and into next year.”

COSLA Children and Young People Spokesperson Councillor Stephen McCabe said:

“It has been an extremely challenging period for everyone involved in Scottish education, not least children and young people and their parents. We are very aware of the many challenges we must overcome to ensure a safe return to school for all children and young people and our staff. This will be our focus in the coming weeks.”