Re-opening of schools
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Joint statement issued this morning (Monday) from Councillor Stephen McCabe, COSLA’s CYP Spokesperson and Councillor Gail Macgregor, COSLA’s Resources Spokesperson.

“Local authorities have been clear that the overriding priority in returning to face to face education is the safety of our children, young people and staff. The plans that all authorities are putting in place are fully informed by the guidance agreed jointly with the Scottish Government.

“Throughout the crisis we have worked closely with the Scottish Government to ensure the viability of many of the services that support our partners in the delivery of education. That includes continuing to provide funding for services such as transport and childcare. Only last week council Leaders were considering the net additional costs of dealing with the consequences of COVID-19 between March and June. Once funding provided by Scottish Government is taken into account, the net additional cost to councils is £145m for this period alone.

“Council plans are at an advanced stage but there is little doubt that as well as many of the practical challenges that each area will face there are significant financial challenges. If more children are to return to schools safely, we need quick decisions on funding which will give councils the confidence to address those challenges.”